Sunday, May 20

i cant believe we only have two more days left of school! im glad on the last to days we dont have to wear uniforms..we get to wear whatever we want
at the awards ceremony..on thursday.. i got some awards! i got perfect attendence, student council and all county. i also got a medal for peer educators. oh yea.. i felt bad for the ppls that didnt get anything..especially if there parent were the picnic.. it was BORING! i was having girl problems and i couldnt swim.ugh! and like the bowling alley was very small and all the lanes were taken.. but i did go to the pool anyways and took pics in my camera. this life guard kept staring at me.. it was funnie..but i guess you would have had to have been there. jordan soaked my camera and me. i could have killed him. he was like flirting with everyone.but not me for a change.hut jessica kissed jordan and she didnt know that mari and jordan were still goin out (didnt seem like it) mair was mad and stuff..but apparently at the bowlin alley she kissed jesse and was hangin all over him..jeepers..i hate middle school. but i dont wanna go to high school!