Monday, May 14

yay we got yearbooks today! they suck!

Sunday, May 13

and then on saturday i went to the beach. jordan and randy came too. the waves were HUGE! dont believe me randy broke BOTH of my styrofoam boards. i really need a surfboard. i hate boys! they are so annoying at times. i mean gosh last year i didnt go out with NO ONE! and now like EVERYONE thinks im hott! ughhhhhh. and most are like so not my type! ok well today tye came came to church. wowzers. o0o anyone cares. happy mommies day!
yay i had a great weekend. on friday bete club went to umm fun city in pcola. is was ok the rides weret the best,but it was fun. we sang karaoke ot was cool i sang umm love shack with a whole bunch of ppls and i sang what a girl wants and i will survive. hahaha it was hilarious. and then i went to a lockin at joshua's church.we went to UWF to swim and wowzers joshua saw me in a bathing suit..well sort of at least. he was pickin at me cuz i have to plug in my nose when i go underwater,ugh! it was really fun for my first lock-in. the played chubby bunny and stuff. haha very funnie lookin pics. then we played christians and communists. we won! oompa loompas then we just sat in a room and i fell asleep beside josh. then they woke us up.uff!