Tuesday, May 8

were goin back out! yay i got a digital camera im soo happy! haha we went to the mall and they had pants at old navy for 1.99! o0o rah i finally went in that urban vibes store! im soo glad..but they are axpensive as crap! omg they are.. on sale a jacket was 100 bucks! like ugh.! jordan has my camera..i accidently put it in his bag..lol somehoe i got jordans bag whitney had mine and whitney had mine..i dont know how that happend. we all were like takin pictures and stuff. haha it was real fun but im gunna go take a shower..buh bai

Monday, May 7

he's not as mad at me anymore..i dont think...i hope not ugg! stephen is back at school. josh thought i was gunna go back out with him hahahahaha yeah right! he wishes
man! i still like josh!