Saturday, May 5

omg i had like the best day ever! it was soo fun! me and mari and randy and jordan all went to the beach. the waves were the bomb! im soo glad there were some..i was afraid it would have been like very very calm. jordan kept talkin to me and stuff..i think mari got upset with me even thugh we wernt doing anything. its like gosh hes only one of my friends. i never realized how much fun i could have with him when we got home we like sang all of out all county and just regular songs.. it was soo fun. haha
usually hes soo annoying! lol weEeEe im soo burnt! im so glad! im gunna hate it on monday i made an 86 or somthing in that nature on my semester test. i want an echo! i also want a long board. i hate goin to the bach with all the cute surfers and me riding around on a little foam wanna be board. lol i could prolly teach my self how to. i just need to have a board. i can almost get ojn m knees on the little board thingy i have. i couldnt do that last year! ive improved! i love the beach

Friday, May 4

craker jax!
i still like him!
ugh! this sucks!
he read my letter wrong it wasnt supposed to be that way!
i feel so bad
me and josh broke up

Monday, April 30

these are my mid six weeks grades...ohh ahhh
LA- 95/A
chorus- 100 of course
History- he dont give us them.. but i should have an A
computer- 97/A
ugh i need to bring that grade up..i need to make all A's this time..
that was my goal for this make A's at least once..and i havent yet..goshnesses

man like the first time i tried to blog i wrote this long thing...and it said i wasnt logged i..ugh
ok well lets see if i can remember this
ok well im sorry i havent blogged in a while..ive been pretty busy..
on friday Sarah had her birthday party/slumber was very fun..but im not gunna go into ill spare you that..hahaha
and on saturday when i got back from sarahs..i went to the mall with jason, randy and was soo funnie..Andy bought a shirt that said "Titanic Swimming Team-1912" i thought it was cute. I saw a whole bunch of ppls from my church..even though they didnt see me. Rey(my X) was there too..wowzers..achooo! i sneezed xcuze moi! andy and jason ate like a whole bunch of was sort of funnie..but i guess youd have to have been there..jason and the boys..bought that goopy sour the candy store @ cordova? ok well jason and andy like had a contest..of who could eat the most..or somthing like that..and everyone went by lookin at was hilarious..hahahahahaha
then when we got bored we went to the bowlin alley..randy and jason ties..then came andy and then my of course..i suck at bowling!
Then on sunday..i went to church..wowzerz so fun..LoL actually church is always fun.. i learned who nikki likes and she learned who i liked at the church..haha today sucked! it was soo BORING!!! semester exams..all freakin at chorus practice..we sang ..we suck..out concert is only gunna have like 4 songs..ugh that is soo not enough to sing.. ok well anyways today at practice we had to sing rockin robin..and the beginning and dont know it..they havent practiced it the ALL COUNTY kids had to sing it..and lucky me..there was only 3 gosh..britney you can never hear..but in ways its good..and jordan didnt sing..cuz he was thinkin..and he was upset about dumpin i was the only one singing..everyone was turning around lookin back.very embarassing..
Josh got mad when i told him that i spent almost the whole day with jason and them..he got soo mad..he was like why did you go and crap.. i told him..gosh josh i do have a little bit of a life..juss because i try to have fun..doesnt mean im just gunna keep waiting on you..ughand i said some more..but i gtg eat..soo umm ttyl bai bai