Thursday, April 19

wow the beach was very very freakin cold today! i didnt get much of a burn though. i need to get burnt. the wind was out there and the sun didnt even have a chance. a jelly fish bit me in the weirdest spot on my leg and stuff. i want to go to school in hawaii. ya know for college. i think that would be the bomb! because maybe the people wouldnt treat me so much like a tourist.they treat tourists very bad there. or at least i hear. i dont know. i guess it would let me get out of milton even though i love it here. i could travel and crap like that. goshnesses that would be cool. i want to go back to school and i cant wait till next year. to come..highschool....YAY!

Wednesday, April 18

up yours with a wah wah brush!

Monday, April 16

yay i got to talk to josh today!

Sunday, April 15

we got food!!! i hope josh can come over tomorrow!
guess what! i saw bradly at aint that spiffy.