Saturday, April 14

at least it didnt rain on the easter egg hunts before now..
omg i cant believe its so glad. i wish it would rain all week..except for josh wouldnt go camping..but i think they would still feels soo good out there!!! i love the rain
ya know what sucks..ok i tan on my trampoline..and there is this big ugly tree hanging over half of it and i cant tan..somtimes beacause of that and then where my trampoline is positioned..the sun goes away like around 1..goshnesses. so far spring break has sucked and its only been one day!..but it wouldnt really suck if i actually had somthing to do.i need to get a job..

Thursday, April 12

o0o rah..omg that was soo funnie! brittney barnes got runned over..hehe not really..well she did, but that was last year. man milton has some real hotties! Josh is worried that next year i will be bombarded with hotties and dump him! wow doesnt he have a wild imagination. well he might be for real. i dont really know what im gunna do next year. i mean i will see him some. but not every day like i do now. goshnesses i dont know what to do. im gunna have like the most boring spring break in the world. i mean last year it was ok because i had cable but now all i actually have is the isnt gunna be here either. tomorrow hes goin to umm whatever its called..panama city i think it is and then on saturday i dont know church on sunday and on monday and tuesday im sure hell find somthing to do..and the on wednesday hes goin camping! till sunday! goshnesses i miss girl scouts i LOVE campin.none of my friend go camping..i dont think at my mom cant stay in the pass out. so all of these days im cleaning the house, packing and tanning. wow how freakin fun! ya know what..someone bought me a yearbook and i dont know who it mom said it wasnt her..thats weird..hum..makes you think dont it. cheerleaders have big butts...i learned that today. either that or they have padded butts in their suit bottoms thignys. for my schedlue next year this is what i picked out..

English (Honors)

Eastern and Western somthing..we had to have this

Pre Algebra (its easier for me..cuz next year at the first im gunna be a little phyched)

Algebra 1-A

Earth and Science (Honors)

Journalism ( i wanna do the yearbook)

Chorus 1 ( i wanna be in MOOSIC makers but you have to try out..and i havent i had to put that)

Summer PE

wow at least i will have SOMthing to do this summer

Sunday, April 8

i got my bathing suit today! its reversable and its orange and pink polka dots on the inside and its got yellow and pink and umm some other color flower..on the outside. i had to get some shorts to go with it..cuz i have FAT legs..well not really..just this part..that im embarrased about and crap..soo annoying..everything about my body is embarrasing..gosh i cant have a tank top on without someone saying..your just trying to show that you have boobs or somthing stupid like that..and i hate having boobs!