Thursday, April 5

hey there! im at charlottes..ahhh to have cable again.its granD! hehe i miss it soo much..josh cant talk..and im bored..i dont like compuserve(thats what charlotte has) ok well im bored so im gunna go and umm..i dunno
yay! i finally got my CDS ive been waiting one like ummm forever! and i dont even remeber ordering all of them..LoL i remember ordering different CDS plus these ones..ok well i got veggie tales 1 and 2, incubus-make yourself, center stage sounftrack, sixpence none the richer, joan jett, and the ramones? i dont remeber ordering that was soo boring ! we had spring pics and we had student council ones..too..and like i had to sit on the bottom which wasnt soo bad..but we had to sit in out knees and my legs loked very fat..haha not. we also had a free dress day.which was alright. and in 5th and 6th period. we got to go outside and it was sooooooo freakin HOTT. and they wouldnt let the 7th graders come over. they made them stay in the pig pen. so i couldnt talk to josh..aww poor me! but then they let everyone come out and i got to talk to him and me and katy were playin kick the thingy! it was fun until they let the 7th graders out..but i dunno..i still havent figured out what im gunna take next year..are honors classes easy? i heard they mom went to marianna or whatever..and she wont be back until saturday im staying with charlotte..and stuff..ok well i gtg take a shower glad cuz i stink!

Tuesday, April 3

hey gosh..last night i had the beta induction was cuz like i had to had oput the lil paper thingys..and i got on the stage late..and everyone on the first row had a long skirt on and for a second i thought i was like the only one in a short hahaha ok well i wasnt..there were a couple others...but gosh ..that was weird..ok well today the high school counselors came and helped us do our schedules..yay i guess..not really i just wish we could get through this year and i can get maybe some better classes! ive pretty much decided on my career..i think i would like it..but you would never (i dont think) picture me as one..when i was little i wanted to be one..well..lemme tell you ok..its a teacher. wow..umm i either that or a marine bioligist..working at the gulfarium..