Saturday, March 31 sorry i havent blogged lately! i havent really been online well just to check my mail or somthin..haha im sort of starting to have a life. whoa! arent you proud? j/p last night was very boring! i went to the all nighter..AHHHHHHH i should have gone to the baseball game with Becky instead! there wasnt anything to do. like they had these stupid contest thingys. they were boring. and then like everyone else's boyfriend was there all lovey dovey. and uhh goshnesses mine wasnt! i was actually tired. and im never up there!. Ralphie was there. ya know the boy thatshot me in the knee in like first grade. he thought mandy was hott! he didnt believe she was only in 8th i actually did the cha cha slide. i was soo proud of myself..hehe.not ok well im tired and crap and i got church tomorrow soo umm.. night night

Sunday, March 25

i just spit mountain dew all over my floor..