Tuesday, March 20

omg all county was soo fun..but i was after it was through..i hate singing now..but that will prolly change tomorrow..lol gosh..there were two cute dudes..they stood like 3 or 4 seats away..lol we messed up on our claps...and during rockin robin everyone started clapping..lol it was funnie..josh said i only smiled 4 times..gosh..i hate red tide! the emementary kids..werent soo good..they picked CRAPPY songs...they made them go up too high..we were ok from what i heard...the high schoolers were great..of course...josh got to come...i was soo happy..i just new his perents werentgunna let him...well they woulndt let him go when i had a freakin solo!!! and i needed him for that..ugh..ok well im gunna go my tummy still hurts..k? bai