Saturday, March 17

gosh...she is the bomb(julia) i saw get over it today! it was good. better then i had expected it to be. i was gunna have josh to go with me..instead of just me and my mom..but he went to the bowling alley with the church or somthing. when we were leaving his brother was in front of us, until he turned into the bowlin alley..while we were waiting for the movie to start i looked for all the CD's ive been wanting. and waves music has ALL of them! im soo happy. they have like two of the Letters to Cleo but only one copy of each. They had Save Ferris(1 copy of that too) and Less then Jake...they had like 4 CD's and they had like 4 copys of each. they also had ten things i hate about you hahaha im soo happy and i need to get some moola.
at JCpenny they have the cutest shirts which you would usually find in gadzooks(like rainbow brite,care bears, disney, etc) for cheaper..only about 2 bucks..but hey thats alot when you only get 500 dollars a month. wow ok well im tired soo umm night night bai
yay julia stiles is on SNL! wow

Friday, March 16

omg? guess what i did?
i opened my first pickle jar..all by myself! wow i didnt have to wait for my mommie to do it for me..i have no muscles

Thursday, March 15

gosh there were like a bunch of fights today.well just two..i was at lunch and the other was when we were changing classes after FCAT..haha at lunch everyone was getting up on the seats..i think thats what they are sisko..haha..ok well i went to church last was fun! FCAT was easy about the only hard part was tearing out the little sheet thingy..and stuff
im so mad..why didnt survivor come on tonight!!! ugh..i hate this..were singing @ church on sunday first time..yay
on Monday we are going to Avalon Middle after school to practice for all county and then on Tuesday all county!
on wednesday im going swimming!!!!!! i cant wait i HATE being
on Tuesday um... i went to the high school with Josh..his brother was in a track meet thingy ma doodle.. and Josh got in trouble and stuff.. but im not gunna get into that stuff..we get a free dress day tomorrow im so happy even though uniforms aren't that bad..but i dunno and stuff..but im gunna on the rest of everything..soo ttyl bai

Monday, March 12

heylOoO.. FCAT was easy..well the first part anyways..we had 8 questions..the only question that was confusing was the one about the quilt..i didnt know what symetrical meant..LoL..we have to stay in first till sucks..i hope the reading is easy too!

Sunday, March 11

i didnt go to stephen's, neither did josh or mari...mari went to the mall with randy and josh went to the cody's LoL hahaha
we went to kmart and ashley was there..ugh she wouldnt get out of the cosmetics i could was getting on my nerves..omg girls gone wild..just what i wanted for my burfday! that freakin commercial is getting on my nerves..i hate porn..its for losers but anyways..she would get i could go and get me some lip stuff..LoL i couldnt just say hey move out the would have taken me a while to find the kind i wanted..LoL..well and stuff..but im gunna go to bed now..cuz i got church in the morning..soo umm good morning/nighty night