Saturday, March 10

man the rink is raising the prices for everything! i had fun ..i guess last was pretty boring..well until..i started skating with jake
he is like funnie! Stephen finally got there after like 2 hours..i wanted someone to skate with and he didnt even bring his skates..
i didnt fall glad..i didnt fall the week before either..but i dunno..i might to to stephens house today..he's having a lil shin-dig..i guess..josh always says that..its is stephen's burfday hes 15 w0w hes older then me..LoL

Friday, March 9

man there are WAY to many fights at school! i know im gunna fail FCAT ...we have like math first and i dont know the rest..we have practice for all county all freakin week next gunna be soo tired and then on friday we might have a free dress day..o0o yea and then on friday morning peer educators have a practice meeting..we found out our teams on Darwen, Amanda, Ashlee and some dude i cant remember his name..who knows..LoL
tonight im going to the rink again..i wont be able to go on regular times for a long long time..after these next couple gunna churches choir..and they have practice on friday nights @7:00 i will only be able to go to all nighters..which aRE the best any ways..there are supposed to be a whole bunch of peoples going to night..well let's see all but Josh..he like never goes..he went like two weeks ago when i was at a party..but..i dunno ok well i gtg ok soo umm yeah

Thursday, March 8

gosh i had a lot of mistakes in that last blog! gosh jeff got kicked off.. i wanted to jeri to be kicked off..she gets on my nerves..ok well i just felt like i would say sort of downloadin..Letters to Cleo before napster is gone..forever!!! i cant find their freakin CD ANYWHERE..that is very annoying!
ohh ya know that science test i was talkin about a week ago i guess..ok well i made a 90 i didntfail! hha im soo happy..i did get like a 67 on one of the worksheets.. it was hard..and on my mid six weeks thingy in math in makin a 91.7 which if you round it up will be a 92..ugh i need an "A" well i guess..thats good..i wonder who is gunna be kicked out of the tribe thie week? hum...
ryan came over today..he likes me..hes in 5th grade..gosh he's cute he's just to young..LoL i was boring in 3rd we were learnin about the assignation of Abraham lincoln..Mr. Taylor made it soo interesting..only cuz it didnt actually put me to sleep..haha. the rest of the day was 4th we did like a play and i was a chick in was funnie..i was REALLY highper and i kept messing up.. and stuff..
ok well i gunna go and finish messin with my page
man! ive had the busiest week i think ive ever had..on monday and tuesday my church had a prophecy was cool..sort of spooky though..i didnt get home till like 11 o clock both nights..on tuesday after it was all finished..i got baptized..and stuff..i was sort of glad no one really was in there..but his one girl Trudy and my mom and her friend..and last night i went to Josh's church..late! i hate goin anywhere late..what made it worse was that..i my hair looked terrible..i wore my lil buns htingys on the side..they loooked gross..and well thats about it..ok well im fixin to go to that im late..i dont want to be late for second period..LoL ok bai