Saturday, March 3

hey..i went to walmart and i got new mom thinks i have an underwear fetish...maybe i should start a clique..LoL im bored..and im downloadin moosic..i wish i could've talked to josh today..but no..the freakin rain had to POUR
gosh.. we was watchin a movie..called groove..its different..its about a rave..i was would expect to see a few glow stix..but i didnt see any..that was weird..we rented a bunch of movies..and one of them was boyd dont cry..that was a good movie..except..for the sexual..i guess you could say scenes..that was terrible
omg i met josh's former g/f. shes pretty... im talkin to r and y and jason..ive been talkin to them for like 3 hours..gosh..they are pretty interesting to talk to..
i wonder what was wrong withAmanda she was cryin..and she said she'd talk to me on the internet.. hum....
she is a ho and she's nasty !
man! the rink was sort of fun..until the end...i got my first booty threatin..ohh my ashley hobbs...she got all upset..cuz i called her a ho..OoO wow ! who cares? ugh i hate her !

Friday, March 2

i failed my science test today...i just know was soo hard! ugh...
well school was ok..
boring as cracker jax but ok...i guess...

im going to the rink tonight..i depends..on what my mom says when she gets home
i hope i can, i need to go, i hate being stuck on the computer friday night after friday night.. OoO k well i guess ill go and take a shower..before i go..soo umm baiz

Thursday, March 1

josh...said he isn't mad at me anymore..but im still not sure...his knuckles look soo terrible !
i asked hom if he could do me a favor and NOT punch brick walls any more and he said he would if i would do him a favor..
and that is that if i ever think about dumping him again..just do it and don't tell anyone...and i said okay..
omg i wish i could talk to him right now...
omg i can not believe that micheal got burned ! and now they can't even have an immunity challenge..they have to join groups ! ugh that suck !

ya know what out all county music stinks big time ! the only fast song..well sort of is Rockin Robin...and that is the most annoying song in the world right now ! ughhhh....

Wednesday, February 28

oh yeah and Happy Burfday mommie !
ugh ! i just got home from school..omg josh's knuckles look terrible i shouldn't have never ever told him...or anyone else..he thinks i like stephen..but i dont, only as a friend ! well um i got to go get ready for not sure which one im going to go to though..josh's or mine...

Tuesday, February 27

josh is mad at me ! i WAS thinkin about breaking up with him..for certain reasons only I can understand and its like i dont really know why i wanted to break up with him...i guess i was just in the mood to make someone mad..j/p well umm i didnt break up with him..if you were wondrin...