Sunday, May 20

i cant believe we only have two more days left of school! im glad on the last to days we dont have to wear uniforms..we get to wear whatever we want
at the awards ceremony..on thursday.. i got some awards! i got perfect attendence, student council and all county. i also got a medal for peer educators. oh yea.. i felt bad for the ppls that didnt get anything..especially if there parent were the picnic.. it was BORING! i was having girl problems and i couldnt swim.ugh! and like the bowling alley was very small and all the lanes were taken.. but i did go to the pool anyways and took pics in my camera. this life guard kept staring at me.. it was funnie..but i guess you would have had to have been there. jordan soaked my camera and me. i could have killed him. he was like flirting with everyone.but not me for a change.hut jessica kissed jordan and she didnt know that mari and jordan were still goin out (didnt seem like it) mair was mad and stuff..but apparently at the bowlin alley she kissed jesse and was hangin all over him..jeepers..i hate middle school. but i dont wanna go to high school!

Monday, May 14

yay we got yearbooks today! they suck!

Sunday, May 13

and then on saturday i went to the beach. jordan and randy came too. the waves were HUGE! dont believe me randy broke BOTH of my styrofoam boards. i really need a surfboard. i hate boys! they are so annoying at times. i mean gosh last year i didnt go out with NO ONE! and now like EVERYONE thinks im hott! ughhhhhh. and most are like so not my type! ok well today tye came came to church. wowzers. o0o anyone cares. happy mommies day!
yay i had a great weekend. on friday bete club went to umm fun city in pcola. is was ok the rides weret the best,but it was fun. we sang karaoke ot was cool i sang umm love shack with a whole bunch of ppls and i sang what a girl wants and i will survive. hahaha it was hilarious. and then i went to a lockin at joshua's church.we went to UWF to swim and wowzers joshua saw me in a bathing suit..well sort of at least. he was pickin at me cuz i have to plug in my nose when i go underwater,ugh! it was really fun for my first lock-in. the played chubby bunny and stuff. haha very funnie lookin pics. then we played christians and communists. we won! oompa loompas then we just sat in a room and i fell asleep beside josh. then they woke us up.uff!

Tuesday, May 8

were goin back out! yay i got a digital camera im soo happy! haha we went to the mall and they had pants at old navy for 1.99! o0o rah i finally went in that urban vibes store! im soo glad..but they are axpensive as crap! omg they are.. on sale a jacket was 100 bucks! like ugh.! jordan has my camera..i accidently put it in his somehoe i got jordans bag whitney had mine and whitney had mine..i dont know how that happend. we all were like takin pictures and stuff. haha it was real fun but im gunna go take a shower..buh bai

Monday, May 7

he's not as mad at me anymore..i dont think...i hope not ugg! stephen is back at school. josh thought i was gunna go back out with him hahahahaha yeah right! he wishes
man! i still like josh!

Saturday, May 5

omg i had like the best day ever! it was soo fun! me and mari and randy and jordan all went to the beach. the waves were the bomb! im soo glad there were some..i was afraid it would have been like very very calm. jordan kept talkin to me and stuff..i think mari got upset with me even thugh we wernt doing anything. its like gosh hes only one of my friends. i never realized how much fun i could have with him when we got home we like sang all of out all county and just regular songs.. it was soo fun. haha
usually hes soo annoying! lol weEeEe im soo burnt! im so glad! im gunna hate it on monday i made an 86 or somthing in that nature on my semester test. i want an echo! i also want a long board. i hate goin to the bach with all the cute surfers and me riding around on a little foam wanna be board. lol i could prolly teach my self how to. i just need to have a board. i can almost get ojn m knees on the little board thingy i have. i couldnt do that last year! ive improved! i love the beach

Friday, May 4

craker jax!
i still like him!
ugh! this sucks!
he read my letter wrong it wasnt supposed to be that way!
i feel so bad
me and josh broke up